Window Seat

Tim Sheiner
4 min readJul 21, 2016

A story about making.

This space in my house could be nicer:

Along came an idea.

Some months later, I was ready to think through the details.

Whomever allowed 11/16" to become the actual for nominal 3/4" sheet goods is not my friend.

If I can make a cut list I can make the thing.

Still more time later, the materials were in my shop.

Full sheets of plywood are scary, so I take them to the floor to cut safely.

Until the pieces are sized to be ripped on the table saw.

Or cross cut on a bench.

Sand before assembly, 120 grit, then 180.

Biscuits are overkill for strength in this application but will make glue up much easier.

Again, thinking through the operation sequence suggests to prime and paint before assembly.

Blue tape keeps the glue surfaces clear.

Time for glue up.

First one box.

And then the other.

Back upstairs, get ready for install.

Remove everything that might be in the way. Don’t lose the screws.

Ready for demo.

Cut the paint before pulling off the trim.

Demo done.

Clean up. A clean work space is a safe work place.

Boxes sitting in place.

Even separately, these were heavy to get upstairs.

I am not as strong as I used to be.


Before fixing boxes in place, test the design.

Works just fine.

Level and screw in place.

Now figure out the top.

Cut the top to size and install.

Time to add the trim.

Put a bullnose on the front edge molding.

Detail of my shop made fixture.

Front edge installed.

The face frame installed.

Install the molding. Cope the inside corners, return the ends.

Trim is done.



Window seat done.

Time to order cushions. Maybe new drapes.

And find someone to re-finish that floor.

Tim Sheiner is a professional software designer and maker with a love for process. If you liked this kind of story, he’s got two more, a short one about a place to sit and a longer one about reclaiming unfinished space.



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